Windows XP laptop for sale 2022

Windows XP was an excellent operating system back in the day. Many legacy software still requires it today. However, it is difficult to find today. I supply Toughbooks for many specialized applications, and my clients request Windows XP on a regular basis. Therefore, I still offer Toughbook Windows XP laptops for sale in 2022 and beyond! Please contact me to get a laptop with Windows XP today! My units also have serial or even parallel ports available, which can be useful for certain applications which also require Win XP.

A custom updated Windows XP distribution

I have a heavily updated custom distribution with drivers which still work today. It has a browser which actually works in Windows XP and is able to open modern websites. I take care of everything, so you got nothing to worry about. Everything works including WiFi, touch screen, and Bluetooth!

Windows XP on one hard drive and Windows 10 on another

The Panasonic Toughbooks I offer have quickly swappable caddies! I can easily supply you a unit with Windows XP on one drive, and Windows 10 on another drive. Just shut the computer down, swap them (no tools needed, takes 5 seconds) and power back on. One laptop does the job of two! I think this is better than dual booting, since this can introduce other problems. If you need Windows 7, that’s also available. 32-bit or 64-bit, whatever your software requires.

10 inch laptop with Windows XP for sale

Toughbook CF-18 and CF-19 are 11 x 9 inch metal case laptops with Windows XP. As they are quite small, they cannot have an internal DVD drive. They have two USB ports as well. These units are convertible tablets with available touch screen. Contact me to get one!

10 inch Toughbook laptop with Windows XP for sale in 2022 

13 inch Toughbook with Windows XP

Toughbook CF-29CF-30, and CF-31 are 12 x 12 inch metal case laptops with Windows. They can have an internal DVD drive! They have 2-4 USB ports. Toughbook CF-31 is a modern and powerful unit with a Core i5 processor, but still retains a native serial port. These are some of the most rugged and heavy duty and popular models I carry. Contact me to get one!

13 inch Toughbook laptop with Windows XP for sale in 2022  

14 inch and 15 inch Toughbooks with Win XP

Toughbook CF-53 and Toughbook CF-52 are the semi-rugged 14.1 and 15.4 inch laptops with Windows XP that I carry. The 52’s have many more generations, so they are by far the more affordable model for lower requirement applications with legacy software. These both have 4 USB ports, a serial port, and have a DVD drive available. Contact me to get one!

15 inch Toughbook with Windows XP available now! Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 Rugged 14 inch Laptop

If you want to buy a heavy duty laptop, just contact me!

Why buy a Toughbook?

Panasonic Toughbooks are the strongest laptops in the world. They are a favorite of police & military forces around the world. The downside? High prices from the factory. These units cost as much as $3000-5000 USD! However, refurbished they are much more affordable. I supply a wide selection refurbished Toughbooks with a 6 months warranty. I customize both hardware and software to your precise needs! Please contact me if you got any questions or would like to order a unit.