GPS Toughbook

Are you looking for a GPS Toughbook? You’ve come to the right place. I specialize in supplying Toughbooks for various GPS applications, and have pretty much anything anyone may ever need when it comes to that!

Offline GPS Toughbook applications

  1. Marine navigation for fishing, sailing, cruising, and more. I have nautical charts for anywhere.
  2. Off-roading, snowmobiling, ATV, side by side, etc.
  3. Road GPS with routing capability.
  4. Search and rescue and related combinations of all these.
  5. Hunting, hiking, mountaineering.

Available Offline GPS data options

  1. Marine (nautical) charts $150-300.
  2. Topographic & back road maps $125.
  3. Offline satellite imagery $125.
  4. Road maps $75.

GPS Toughbook hardware options

  1. 12V cigarette plug power adapter $65
  2. Basic GPS antenna $75 or midrange GPS/GLONASS antenna $125 or premium GPS/GLONASS high refresh rate antenna $175
  3. Docking station $150
  4. Vehicle arm mount $300

Please contact me with any questions, or to order your GPS Toughbook now!

Popular Offline GPS Toughbook models

Toughbook CF-31 highest performance and most rugged, waterproof & brightest 13.3″ display. 12 x 12 inches

GPS Toughbook CF-31 in army use

Toughbook CF-19 highest performance to midrange and rugged, waterproof and bright swivel 10.1″ display. 11 x 9 inches. MK1 to 4 are similar to CF-30, while MK5-7 are same performance as CF-31.

GPS Toughbook CF-19 in a rugged environment

Toughbook CF-30 lower performance and more affordable sibling of the CF-31 that is the same size.

Strong Laptop in the sand GPS Toughbook CF-30

Toughbook CF-53 not as rugged as the above, but still has port covers. OK for inside the car use, 14.1″ display.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 Rugged 14 inch Laptop

Toughbook CF-52 similar to the 53, but also offers cheaper models and has a larger display of 15.4″. No touch or backlit keyboard options available.

Please contact me with any questions, or to order your GPS Toughbook now!

Why choose a Toughbook?

Panasonic Toughbooks are the strongest laptops in the world. They are a favorite of police & military forces around the world. The downside? High prices from the factory. These units cost as much as $3000-5000 USD! However, refurbished they are much more affordable. I supply a wide selection refurbished Toughbooks with a 6 months warranty. I customize both hardware and software to your precise needs! Please contact me if you got any questions or would like to order a unit.