Canada Hunting GPS

Your Canada Hunting GPS tablet comes configured for the type of activities you require. Need multiple ones? No problem! It works anywhere in the world, completely offline with no cell phone or WiFi signal needed. Never be lost again! The pricing is very simple: $375 8 inch (8 x 5 external dimensions), and $475 10 inch (10.5 x 6.5 external dimensions). Other hardware and GPS mapping options can be added as outlined below. Scroll down to the bottom for detailed Canada hunting GPS mapping examples. I also offer Panasonic Toughbooks with GPS capabilities.

I will load any Canada hunting GPS maps you need, including British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB), Northwest Territories (NWT), Saskatchewan (SK), Manitoba (MB), Ontario (ON), Quebec (QC), Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), New Brunswick (NB), PEI, Nova Scotia (NS). These are completely offline and work in the middle of nowhere. Multiple layers of GPS data are available for your convenience.

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Canada hunting GPS

Suitable outdoor activities

  • On the water: boating, fishing, sailing.
  • By foot: hunting, hiking or mountaineering, foraging.
  • On wheels: ATV or side by side, off roading or overlanding, cycling.
  • In the air: aviation.

Standard Canada hunting GPS tablet capabilities

  • One type of offline GPS mapping for your area (as seen below).
  • Integrated GPS antenna for real time position anywhere.
  • Offline navigation anywhere without cell or WiFi signal.
  • Leave a track so you can retrace your steps.
  • Touch screen with gesture support such as pinch zoom and more.
  • Built in battery allowing handheld operation.
  • Expandable storage via a micro SD card.
  • Сheck email, go online, watch videos, when you have WiFi signal.
  • GPX import & export easily transfer routes from other GPS systems.
  • Compatible to run any other of your Android apps.

Available Canada hunting GPS hardware options

  • $30 12V power adapter (cigarette plug connection).
  • $30 waterproof sleeve (not available for the 12 inch).
  • $50 storage upgrade (needed for an extensive coverage area).
  • $100 Full HD+ high resolution display model.

Offline GPS mapping options. One included, each additional +$100.

  1. Topographic maps with elevations and hiking trails.
  2. Satellite imagery high resolution from multiple sources.
  3. Hunting maps with property lines and more.
  4. Backroad maps such as forest service roads.
  5. Detailed marine charts – blue water or inland.
  6. Aviation charts & maps.

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GPS tablet shows detailed topographic maps GPS tablet shows recent satellite images from 1-2 weeks ago Canada hunting GPS detailed offline satellite imagery GPS tablet shows detailed offline satellite imagery Hunting GPS Canada

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